Patrick Adam Wagstrom

Email: patrick@wagstrom.net
URL: http://wagstrom.net/

Professional Objective

A challenging position that allows me to use my unique skills to develop novel new methods to solve the world's hardest technical, policy, and social problems by integrating observations of human behavior, raw data, and novel analytics.

Research/Technical Skills

Programming: Java, R, Groovy, Python, JavaScript, Unix Shell Scripting.

Research Methods: Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, Text and Content Analysis, Qualitative Data Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Uncertainty Modeling and Simulation, Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis, Graph-based NoSQL Databases, Usability Analysis.

Data Mining: Mining Software Engineering Repositories, Collecting and Linking Unstructured Communications (Forums, Twitter, etc), Scraping Vendor Provided APIs, Hadoop Analysis, Free-Text Sentiment Analysis.


Work Experience

Research Staff Member
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
August 2009-Present


  • Developed a robust framework for collecting and analyzing massive amounts of software engineering archival data in a distributed graph database running on a Hadoop cluster
  • Led a team to evaluate productivity of new users and small teams using enterprise software engineering tools
  • Worked with IBM clients to teach about uncertainty and value elicitation in software development
  • Mapped extended stakeholders in enteprise software development and anlyzed their relation to technical debt
  • Developed novel methods and metrics for understanding extended enterprise software development stakeholder collaboration and coordination
  • Managed research on interactions around software development with three different universities through an Open Collaborative Research grant
  • Mentored three Ph.D. level student interns on projects related to collaboration in software engineering
  • Developed a framework for assessing an individuals personal brand by analyzing connections and contents of their actions through public social networks

Graduate Research Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
August 2003-July 2009


  • Explored the complex interactions and motivations involved in Open Source Software development
  • Delivered lectures in classes on software engineering and technology policy
  • Utilized a variety of qualitative and quantitive research methods: stakeholder interviews, message analysis, natural language processing, data mining, and social network analysis - among others
  • Developed a large scale framework for collecting and analyzing socio-technical information surrounding Open Source Software development

Summer Research Intern
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
June 2007-August 2007


  • Expanded the Socio-Technical Congruence metric for enterprise use
  • Integrated individualized factors into the Socio-Technical Congruence metric
  • Developed a model of successful projects that transitioned from IBM propietary to Open Source
  • Developed novel visualizations of communication congruence in software development teams

Teaching Assistant
Computer Science Department, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
September 2000-August 2003


  • Designed and graded homework assignments and tests
  • Delivered numerous lectures on a wide variety of related to distributed computer, operating systems, and computer architecture
  • Oversaw and helped to design and develop student projects
  • Managed a group of twelve undergraduates on an ambitious project around pervasive computing on a college campus

Summer Research Intern
Math and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL
April 2002-September 2002


  • Developed the Grid Services Flow Language for specifying dependencies and flow in the GLOBUS Environment.
  • Worked with the SciDAC Java CoG Kit Team and the Collaboratory for Multiscale Chemistry to develop a grid services based system for analysis of thermochemical tables.

Senior Developer
LEC, Ltd, Chicago, IL
April 1999-September 2000


  • Worked directly with designers and clients to sell and develop usable, novel, and cutting edge web experiences.
  • Designed, ordered, installed, and managed a commercial grade data center for advertising agency clients.
  • Architected and developed E-Stakes, a multi-million user capable system for tying offline purchases to online activities.
  • Designed and managed the technical components of the Chicago Transit Authority's "Take it and Win" promotion that utilized CTA transit cards and a web site to provide prizes to transit riders.

MyPoints, Schaumburg, IL
April 1998-September 1998


  • One of the earliest employees of an innovative marketing company
  • Designed and implements a complete customer service system in PL/SQL and Java
  • Integrated customer service system to work with multiple advertising campaigns

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