Curriculum Vitae

Patrick Adam Wagstrom


Research/Technical Skills

Programming: Java, R, Groovy, Python, JavaScript, Unix Shell Scripting.

Research Methods: Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, Text and Content Analysis, Qualitative Data Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Uncertainty Modeling and Simulation, Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis, Graph-based NoSQL Databases, Usability Analysis.

Data Mining: Mining Software Engineering Repositories, Collecting and Linking Unstructured Communications (Forums, Twitter, etc), Scraping Vendor Provided APIs, Hadoop Analysis, Free-Text Sentiment Analysis.

Primary Research Interests

  • Socio-technical collaboration networks in software engineering
  • Information contagion in distributed software engineering teams
  • Large-scale software engineering repositories and social networks as accessible "big data"
  • Randomness and uncertainty in software engineering processes
  • Technology policy and open source software development


Work Experience

Research Staff Member
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
August 2009-Present


  • Developed a robust framework for collecting and analyzing massive amounts of software engineering archival data in a distributed graph database running on a Hadoop cluster
  • Led a team to evaluate productivity of new users and small teams using enterprise software engineering tools
  • Worked with IBM clients to teach about uncertainty and value elicitation in software development
  • Mapped extended stakeholders in enteprise software development and anlyzed their relation to technical debt
  • Developed novel methods and metrics for understanding extended enterprise software development stakeholder collaboration and coordination
  • Managed research on interactions around software development with three different universities through an Open Collaborative Research grant
  • Mentored three Ph.D. level student interns on projects related to collaboration in software engineering
  • Developed a framework for assessing an individuals personal brand by analyzing connections and contents of their actions through public social networks

Graduate Research Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
August 2003-July 2009


  • Explored the complex interactions and motivations involved in Open Source Software development
  • Delivered lectures in classes on software engineering and technology policy
  • Utilized a variety of qualitative and quantitive research methods: stakeholder interviews, message analysis, natural language processing, data mining, and social network analysis - among others
  • Developed a large scale framework for collecting and analyzing socio-technical information surrounding Open Source Software development

Summer Research Intern
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
June 2007-August 2007


  • Expanded the Socio-Technical Congruence metric for enterprise use
  • Integrated individualized factors into the Socio-Technical Congruence metric
  • Developed a model of successful projects that transitioned from IBM propietary to Open Source
  • Developed novel visualizations of communication congruence in software development teams

Teaching Assistant
Computer Science Department, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
September 2000-August 2003


  • Designed and graded homework assignments and tests
  • Delivered numerous lectures on a wide variety of related to distributed computer, operating systems, and computer architecture
  • Oversaw and helped to design and develop student projects
  • Managed a group of twelve undergraduates on an ambitious project around pervasive computing on a college campus

Summer Research Intern
Math and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL
April 2002-September 2002


  • Developed the Grid Services Flow Language for specifying dependencies and flow in the GLOBUS Environment.
  • Worked with the SciDAC Java CoG Kit Team and the Collaboratory for Multiscale Chemistry to develop a grid services based system for analysis of thermochemical tables.

Senior Developer
LEC, Ltd, Chicago, IL
April 1999-September 2000


  • Worked directly with designers and clients to sell and develop usable, novel, and cutting edge web experiences.
  • Designed, ordered, installed, and managed a commercial grade data center for advertising agency clients.
  • Architected and developed E-Stakes, a multi-million user capable system for tying offline purchases to online activities.
  • Designed and managed the technical components of the Chicago Transit Authority's "Take it and Win" promotion that utilized CTA transit cards and a web site to provide prizes to transit riders.

MyPoints, Schaumburg, IL
April 1998-September 1998


  • One of the earliest employees of an innovative marketing company
  • Designed and implements a complete customer service system in PL/SQL and Java
  • Integrated customer service system to work with multiple advertising campaigns

Teaching Experience

Intern Mentor
IBM Research
November 2009-Present

Mentored three interns over three years for 12-16 weeks each. Helped interns to understand our current research trajectory, plan out a research project, provision resources necessary to conduct studies, and product a solid research product.

Project Manager for Student Project on the Impact of Spyware
Carnegie Mellon University

Worked with two other graduate students under Dr. Jon Peha and Dr. Ed Rubin to manage and guide senior level project to understand the nature of spyware and its effect on consumers. Culminated in a large project report and presentation to a review board with individuals from Carnegie Mellon, the Federal Trade Commission, and AOL.

Research Supervisor for Undergraduate Summer Researchers
Illinois Institute of Technology

Hired, guided, and advised three undergraduate researchers on developing innovative applications and frameworks for pervasive computing.

Instructor/Project Lead for Interprofessional Project
Illinois Institute of Technology

Under the guidance of Dr. Xian-He Sun I worked and managed twelve undergraduates to design and implement applications of pervasive computing as part of the IPRO program at IIT. The initial project was an in-class tool that provided rapid responses from surveys and quizzes. Later expansion and refocus of the project led to a pervasive tour system for the city of Chicago.

Teaching Assistant for CS595 - Special Topics in Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology

Worked with Dr. Xian-He Sun and Dr. Gregor von Laszewski to create a class addressing the nexus of pervasive and grid computing. Responsible for co-design of course syllabus, developing student homework, grading assignments, and helping to plan out lectures and course material.

Teaching Assistant for CS450 - Operating Systems
Illinois Institute of Technology

Assisted students, managed lab sessions, graded student homework assignments, and guest lectured in senior level required course on operating systems. I was awarded the Teaching Assistant of the Year for the Department of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology for this.

Teaching Assistant for CS470 - Computer Architecture
Illinois Institute of Technology

Graded student homework assignments, managed lab sessions, and guest lectured in senior level required computer architecture course under Virgil Bistriceanu.

Journal Papers

Conference Papers

Workshop Papers

Book Chapters

  • Gregor von Laszewski, Patrick Wagstrom. "Gestalt of the Grid". Tools and Environments for Parallel and Distributed Computing. Wiley. 2004.

Technical Reports

Other Publications, Presentations, and Recognition

  • Patrick Wagstrom. "Don't Blame the Developers: External Stakeholders and the Tangled Web of Complex Software". Invited Colloquium Speaker - University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Computer Science and Engineering Colloquium Series. November 2011.
  • Patrick Wagstrom, Jacquelyn Martino, Juerg von Kaenel, Marshini Chetty, John Thomas, Lauretta Jones. "A Dive into Online Community Properties [poster]". Interactive Poster presented at 2011 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Hangzhou, China. March 2011.
  • Patrick Wagstrom. "Be A Wonk!". Ohio LinuxFest. Columbus, OH. October 2009.
  • Patrick Wagstrom, Clay Williams, Mary Helander, Kate Ehrlich. " Understanding Communication, Coordination, and Congruence at an Individual Level By Harnessing Baseball Statistics". 28th International Sunbelt Social Network Conference. St. Pete Beach, FL. February 2008.
  • Patrick Wagstrom. "Social Structure from Free/Open Source Weblogs". 25th International Sunbelt Social Network Conference. Redondo Beach, CA. February 2005.

Awards and Honors

  • Best Paper: Academy of Management 2010 Annual Meeting, August 2010

    "Communication, Team Performance, and the Individual: Bridging Technical Dependencies" was selected as one of the best papers from the Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) division at the 2010 Academy of Management annual meeting in Montreal, Canada.

  • Sloan Industry Studies 2009 Dissertation Award (2nd Place), May 2010

    My doctoral thesis was awarded second place in the 2009 doctoral thesis competition from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

  • Best Paper: CSCW 2006, November 2006

    Awarded best paper for CSCW 2006 for "Identification of Coordination Requirements: Implications for the Design of Collaboration and Awareness Tools" with M. Cataldo, J. Herbsleb, and K. Carley.

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, May 2004-May 2007

    Three year highly competitive fellowship based on research potential supporting portions of tuition and stipend at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Teaching Assistant of the Year, Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, December 2002

    Given in recognition of work as teaching assistant for senior level undergraduate courses in computer architecture and operating systems.

  • Energy Research Undergraduate Laboratory Fellowship, United States Department of Energy, May 2002-August 2002

    Competitive fellowship for junior and senior level undergraduates to pursue summer research at a United States Department of Energy research lab. This allowed to research grid and distributed computing at Argonne National Lab.

  • Styker Outstanding Student Leader Award, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1999-2001

    Award given annually to the top 20-25 most outstanding student leaders at Illinois Institute of Technology. Three time recipient for my contributions to student government, Greek life, and service.

  • Camras/NExT Scholarship, Illinois Institute of Technology, August 1997-May 2002

    Recipient of a competitive five year full tuition merit based academic scholarship.

Professional Memberships

  • IEEE, 2003-Present:
    The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The professional society for computer engineers, electrical engineers, and computer scientists.
  • IEEE Computer Society, 2003-Present:
    Special interest group within IEEE for computer professionals.
  • ACM, 2003-Present:
    The Association for Computing Machinery, the society for computer scientists and computer professionals.
  • ACM SIGCHI, 2009-Present:
    Special interest group in ACM on computer-human interaction.
  • ACM SIGSoft, 2009-Present:
    Special interest group on software engineering.
  • INSNA, 2005-2008:
    International Network for Social Network Analysis, the professional society for researchers and practitioners of social network analysis.
  • Tau Beta Pi:
    Honor society for engineers. Inducted into the Illinois Beta chapter in 2000.
  • INFORMS, 2008-Present:
    Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.
  • Academy of Management, 2010-Present:
    The Academy of Management is the premiere professional organization for scholars and practitioners that create and disseminate knowledge about management and organizations.

Volunteer/Professional Service

  • CSCW 2011 Computing/AV Co-Chair (with Frank Liu)
    Basic planning of a network and AV support for the conference with the added twist of doing it in China.
  • CSCW 2008 Computing/AV Co-Chair (with Brian Amento)
    Designed and implemented a wireless network for 500 conference attendees in a location where traditional networks were unavailable.
  • Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group President, 2006-2007
    Instituted reforms in meeting schedule and increased membership by 30%.
  • Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group Board Member, 2005-2007
    Formalized accounting procedures. Fostered relationships with local tech community.
  • CSCW 2006 Student Volunteer
    Managed wireless network for 500 attendees.
  • CSCW 2004 Computing Chair
    Designed, ordered, and built a wireless network for conference attendees on four days notice after the hotel backed out of contract for wireless.
  • Reviewer
    IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Methodology, IEEE Transactions on Security and Privacy, Management Science, CSCW, CHI, ICSE, FSE, and numerous workshops.

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